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Pastor Daryl brings us this powerful sermon titled Myth Busters- Exploring the Truth.

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We can learn from what is revealed in our dreams, especially Toxic Dreams. (Caroline Leaf, 2009). As we sweep away the toxic dreams we make more room for clear memories.  The Preacher of Ecclesiastes informs us that dreams involve a lot of work.  You want to have good dreams?  Jesus said in (John 14:3) “I will come again”!  It is this blessed HOPE…

That brings peace to the troubled mind.

That brings joy to the grieving soul.

That brings comfort to the aching heart.  It causes…

The weak to become stronger.

The despairing to become encouraged.

The anxious to become assured.  

When given opportunity, this Hope can create… Blessings out of burdens, Victories out of defeats, And faith out of frustrations!

You might be in a storm right now, but keep holding on!

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God is calling man to come to Him, and in coming we are to seek His ways and because we have come He receives us. God, the Creator, desires to be worshipped by you.

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Are you making "Toxic Choices" over "Healthy Choices?" Toxic choices can linger in our minds and our lives, causing us to experience emotions like regret, doubt, and un-forgiveness.

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