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True forgiveness-- begins with oneself.  The Bible is silent on the subject of forgiving oneself, but there were implications of forgiveness behavior toward oneself, in the scriptures.

In order to forgive others, we need to first come to terms with how and why we reacted the way we did and what we can to to ensure that we do not repeat the same behavior in the future.  Self-forgiveness is both a beneficial part of the forgiveness process and a necessary skill in learning to overcome being upset with ourselves. (Luskin, 2002)

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  • I came from Sacramento and talk to the pastor before the service. It was the whole service was written for me. I was healed of 40 years of depression and anxiety. God had a plan. Time for me to stop thinking about what is wrong with me and start thinking about what God has for me. I wake up each morning asking God what would you have made you today. Thank you, thank you all, thank all when each and everyone of you for putting service to go there. God is in the house and your pastor has change my life. I will never forget it, God put a rainbow in my cloud song goes

    posted by: Jeff Alkire on 2018-01-12 06:57:58

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